Roberto Carratalá
Principal AI Platform Architect | AI BU @ Red Hat

MsC Telco Engineer. | MsC in AI/ML
CK{A,S,AD} | Azure SA Expert | RHCA lvl V | CCNP

I’m Roberto Carratalá, an IT professional with more than ten years of experience in the industry of Linux, Virtualization, Cloud, DevOps and Kubernetes/OpenShift.

Currently I am working as a Principal AI Platform Architect for Red Hat working in the AI Business Unit, focused in OpenShift AI, Cloud Services, DevSecOps, CICD and MLOps, helping the customers to achieve their goals and objectives with linux, cloud and containers in public and private environments.

Despite being employed by Red Hat, I proudly identify as a Linux Geek and a Unix enthusiast, constantly on the hunt for fresh tech to explore and master!

When I’m off the clock, I thoroughly enjoy both watching and playing basketball. Spending quality time with friends and family also ranks high on my list of favorite activities.

NOTE: Opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect that of the company I work for.


I’m always seeking new learning opportunities, and I genuinely believe that IT certifications and courses offer fantastic avenues for delving into and getting practical with new technologies. Here’s a glimpse of the certifications I’ve pursued and successfully obtained throughout my career thus far.

Red Hat Certifications

Linux Foundation - CNCF

Public Cloud Certifications


Google Cloud Platform


Cisco Certifications

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Certifications & Courses

DevSecOps & GitOps

Linux and Programming Languages