Building Trust in the Software Supply Chain

10 minute read

What steps can we take to establish trust in our Software Supply Chain and ensure that our software can be traced back to its origin without introducing mali...

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Testing eBPF in OpenShift 4

4 minute read

What is eBPF and how can I use it in OpenShift 4? What are the tools and the benefits of eBPF programs? How can run custom eBPF programs in our cluster to tr...

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DNS Forwarding in OpenShift

7 minute read

How can I use a custom DNS in our cluster without modify the actual cluster DNS on top of for example AWS or Azure? How can I forward custom DNS and use spec...

Traffic Mirroring in OpenShift Service Mesh

3 minute read

How to do testing cases with live production in a safe, secure and predicted mode? How can achieve this within our Service Mesh? And what’s the traffic mirro...

DNS Deep Dive in OpenShift 4

9 minute read

How the DNS of OpenShift 4 works? And the operators to manage them? And how can I check the resolution basics within and externally to my OCP4 cluster?

Microservices Deployment in Service Mesh

5 minute read

How we can deploy microservices within Service Mesh easily and automatically? How to control and istiofying them? And what are the main components involved?

Service Mesh Installation

5 minute read

How to install Service Mesh easy, straight forward and with a basic but fully operational installation on top of OpenShift 4? And how are the advantages and ...

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UPI Installation of OpenShift 4

9 minute read

How we can install OpenShift4 in UPI mode in AWS? How we can do in an semi-automatic way? Which are the caveats and the steps to execute?

Deep dive of Route Sharding in OpenShift 4

12 minute read

This blog post aims to provide a guide to implement Route Sharding in OpenShift Container Platform 4 (deployed in AWS), creating multiple routers for particu...

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Share Vault between Ansible Core Roles

less than 1 minute read

Sometimes you need to share the Ansible Vault between the different Ansible Roles, because you want to integrated within Tower or just in different Workflow ...

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Custom Backup Satellite 6

1 minute read

Some time ago, a customer ask for a question about Satellite 6.1.x: how about the backups? So, I deep further into the oficial documentation and I found a s...

Control Pacemaker Resources with Ansible

1 minute read

When an Openstack is installed and configured in High Availability in the several pieces that is divided (haproxies, controllers, backends, etc) there is a l...

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